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Finlo provides a platform to locate parking sites and parking lots. Our key vision aims to make parking smarter with latest tools and technologies towards a Smarter India.
With Finlo you can simplify your parking. Park Smartly and Faster with Finlo


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Why Choose Finlo

Parking Ticket

Buy Parking Tickets and Passes with ease at Actual price from our Finlo App.

Digital Payment

Pay Digitally for the parking Tickets using App or By Scanning the Code.


View Real Time Inventory (Available Space) of Parking Site in Finlo App.

Search Parking Sites

Get the list of parking sites near you or search for your destinition. We list free, paid and private parking sites with status and pricing.

Color Coding

Color Codes for Tickets - Green Color for Parking and Red Color for Expiry. Parking Operator can check Tickets easily.


Get exclusive and lucrative deals on restaurants, shopping etc. exactly on the places where you are parking your vehicles.

Parking Ticket

Add Your Vehcile Details in Application and buy an e-Parking Ticket before hand.
Once you reach Parking Site press Park Me button on e-Ticket and thats it.
Your Ticket changes to Green Color and you can simply park by showing the ticket to Parking Lot Manager.

Buy Parking Tickets with ease and at Actual Price

Park in no time. Just show the Ticket

Reliable and Secure

Everything is perfectly orgainized

for Business

In order to overcome the Problem of Overcharging and Transparency in the Parking Ticketing.
Our Finlo-For Business Application enables Parking Site Contractor or Owner, to implement our system where parking tickets are generated using Mobile App with a Bluetooth Printer.

Featured Screens

Finlo aims to provide effortless Parking to customers. Happy Parking